15 Illustrations that reflect the pain of a woman with a broken heart

Sometimes, and only sometimes, women tend to deliver more in a relationship because they idealize and hope their dreams will come true, not realizing that the other person is not as interested in sticking with that plan. Maybe she’s not even that interested in the relationship.


The illustrator Danijela Simic tries to represent in her work that pain and fear that women feel when they are about to lose their loved one ; the vulnerability and suffering that are experienced when they realize that it was all a lie. But at the same time, it teaches them to move on, to understand that it is only a stage and that their wounds will soon have healed.

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1. Because a broken heart leaves you without energy

2. You become irreverent



3. Cold

4. You only want to be surrounded by those who really love you


5. You know that at some point the pain will go away

6. The process may take a while


7. It will be slow and bleak

8. You will not give a damn about the world


9. You will not be able to get out of bed for many days

10. You will be afraid to trust again


11. You will feel that everything is against you

12. Seeing him with someone else will be the final blow


13. Thorns will bury themselves deep

14. But one day you will be able to forgive


15. And you will continue to write better stories

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