10+ YES, BUT Illustrates Different Perspectives in Two-Panel Comics


Instagram has become a platform for artists to showcase their work and attract a bigger audience in the huge realm of social media. “YES, BUT” is one such artist that has built a reputation for themselves on the site. Anton Gudim is a minimalist illustrator who makes thought-provoking images. Their art frequently explores issues such as mental health, self-discovery, and human connections.

His comics are distinguished from those of other Instagram artists by their usage of a distinct and recognized style. Often, the illustrations are black and white, with a bold, graphic style that expresses emotion and depth. His pictures frequently represent commonplace circumstances that many people can relate to, such as uneasiness, self-doubt, and the struggle to find one’s place in the world. When asked how he came up with “YES, BUT,” the author replies that the ideas just came to him. Even though the artist shows a lot of truth, the “YES, BUT” portion contains a little bit of fun.

He developed a distinct style and message that has resonated with a vast and engaged fan base of 920,000. “YES, BUT” has been able to develop a community of followers that feel seen and heard through their art by tapping into universal emotions and keeping their own identity separate from their work. A magnificent display of his most well-known comics is shown below. If you enjoy these works, which are free of tricks, clenched themes, and tired cliches, visit the following section and laugh till your stomach hurts!

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Credit: YES, BUT

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#1. Happen to most of us


#2. It’s called balance

#3. Yes, butt


#4. Security

#5. Teeth will always do a better job


#6. Editing

#7. Does anyone do this?


#8. It’s children things

#9. All mirrors need cleaning


#10. Sad but true

#11. What’s the logic?


#12. That’s normal

#13. Bringing in or taking away


#14. Who else experienced this?

#15. Triangle of sadness


#16. Screenshot

#17. Let my feet enjoy the view


#18. Unrealistic

#19. Better remote work


#20. True story

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