These New Far Side Comics That will Boost your mood


In times of pandemic when people have nothing much to enjoy, there are some people who keep them entertain and motivate through their skills. You’ll agree with me that putting a smile on someone’s face is a very satisfying sight for a person who brings a smile to people’s faces. And it’s not that easy as it seems.

It can be done in plenty of ways. Whether you can help someone or can crack silly jokes to lift their mood. But nowadays people don’t need assistance to get them to laugh, they have social media and they are familiar with its power it. They can find some funny videos or some relatable memes or maybe comics to make them laugh. Because sometimes laughing can be the best therapy that you need.

The Far Side is best in business when it comes to making people entertain and inspire them at the same time with their dark and twist humor single-panel comics. Started by Gary Larson nearly 30 years ago, still carrying its legacy. People who are familiar with him know pretty well the value of this 1-panel special comic series.

We have enlisted some of his most loved and new comics with unexpected endings that will make you fan of his artwork. Scroll down to take a look and admire the humor and skills of the artist. Let us know how you felt after going through these comics in the comments below.

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